100% Climate Disclosure seeks to address the challenge of incomplete GHG emissions reporting by companies worldwide


Celebrating climate disclosure leaders who report 100% of their Scope 1 emissions


Supporting knowledge exchange and education on GHG reporting best practice


Engaging companies, investors and broader stakeholders on the benefits of 100% Climate Disclosure

Thousands of firms report a number for their Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). However, in 2016 only 20 firms worldwide disclosed 100.0% of their Scope 1 GHG emissions (in line with the 100% Club criteria). Inadequacies in GHG emissions disclosures have the potential to mislead investors and hinder progress of country, investor and business initiatives addressing climate change and looking to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy. 

Collecting 100.0% of GHG emissions is technically and practically very challenging for most corporations; therefore missing data can be accounted for by a ‘Quantitative Statement of Completeness’ (see investigation doc for examples). But less than 2% of reporting firms collect 100.0% of GHG emissions or provide a Quantitative Statement of Completeness.

This lack of clarity surrounding emissions disclosures makes it impossible to fully understand the impact a company is having on climate change. Without complete and reliable Scope 1 emissions disclosure any other numbers depending on this information will struggle to be even broadly accurate. This includes parts of TCFD reporting, disclosure of indirect emissions (Scopes 2 and 3) and progress against emissions reduction targets.

Firms that are part of 100% Climate Disclosure commit to disclosing 100% of their Scope 1 GHG emissions (or >95% accompanied by a Quantitative Statement of Completeness). Identifying and celebrating 100% Climate Disclosure members promotes complete emissions disclosure, and helps to address the alarming issue that the number of firms disclosing 100% of their emissions has decreased since 2015.

“I am aware that those less familiar with the footnotes in corporate sustainability/integrated reports or Bloomberg’s data field ES074 maybe surprised how few companies we can independently confirm to have reported 100.0% of their Scope 1 GHG emissions. Yet, to provide asset owners any chance of aligning their portfolios with 2° scenarios and responding thoroughly to TCFD, it is paramount that the vast majority of corporations listed on equity or bond markets take complete and public accountability of their Scope 1 GHG emissions instead of reporting some number that is probably the majority but far from complete.”

Professor Andreas G. F. Hoepner
Member of the EU's Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance

(in personal capacity)

Financial Centres for Sustainability

The 100% Club is part of the Financial Centres for Sustainability Initiative (FC4S Europe). Key decision makers and other important financial actors congregate in financial centres, making them an effective place to highlight the critical issue of inadequate GHG emissions disclosure.

To have impact, the 100% Climate Disclosure initiative must have achieve scale; support and integration with financial centres will encourage companies to make the commitment to complete emissions disclosure. This enables better decision making and helps to guide capital towards companies that are consciously addressing their impact on climate change.

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